An orb web with stabilimentumn of Argiope amoena.

A camouflaged orb web of Cyclosa octotuberculata.

A horizontal orb web of Leucauge celebesiana.

A hackled-band orb web with stabilimentumn of Octonoba varians.

A quasi-concentric circular web of Cyrtarachne bufo.

A horseshoe orb web of Nephila clavata.

A free-sector web of Araneus pentagrammicus.

A free-sector web of Arachnura logio.

A triangular web of Hyptiotes affinis.

A dome mesh web of Cyrtophora ikomosanensis.

A dome web of Neriene fusca.

A funnel web of Agelena silvatica.

An irregular web of Parasteatoda tepidariorum.

A sheet and tangle web of Parasteatoda japonicum.

A tent web of Dictyna felis.

A lace web of Badumna insignis.

A signal-line web of Uroctea compactilis.

A tube web of Atypus karschi.

An irregular web with bell of Parasteatoda angulithorax.

A non-sticky thread web of Ariamnes cylindrogaster.

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