A cockroach appeared from bean-jam pancake

Aug.13,1998. M.Sekine

The cockroach, belonging to the order Blatteria, was on earth for millions of years before man. Cockroaches can be found throughout every habitat of the earth, but most of them live in the tropics. Australian cockroach, Periplaneta australasiae, is reddish brown withAn australian cockroach narrow pale yellow margins on the base of the wings. The yellow color is more prominent in the top parts of the prothorax ; here the basic reddish brown shows as two dark round spots. This species started its wanderings from its native Malaysia and is now found in many places. In Japan, Periplaneta australasiae is found in Ogasawara Islands and Ryukyu Islands.
In 1981, a dead Australian cockroach appeared from a loaf of a bean-jam pancake baked in Kobe. The bread and buns we eat are made in big plants. Japanese bakeries import tremendous amount of ingredients for the bread and other bakery products from foreign countries. Bakeries import autoclaved azuki beans from Taiwan. Perhaps, a cockroach, Periplaneta australasiae, was carried into Kobe from Taiwan by accident.