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Updated on Oct. 6, 2020

How important bugs are in Japan's culture.

The Little Princess Who Loved Insects : A Twelfth-Century Tale from Japan.

Summer in the Japanese countryside - Reminiscences of Summer.

Not A Cockfight But A Spider-Fight : Kajiki.

Baguio Children's Spider Fighting Contest

Spider 'Sumo' Fighting in Kumamoto and Kainan.

An analysis on the ways of using slender sticks on spider fighting.

Japanese fighting jumping spider.

Why do the spiders have come to make the webs?

Common Spiders in Japan - Some info and pictures.

The Photographs of Spiders' Webs - Networks of silk.

The biting behavior of the orb web spider, Nephila clavata.

A list of spiders in and around Mt.Shigi-san, in western Nara Prefecture.(in Japanese, with English Summary)

The Drawing Song of Spiders.

The SATOYAMA Gallery : The four seasons in the Japanese countryside.

The wildflowers, Oni-tabirako, look like fireworks.

Funa-zushi in Lake Biwa.

A Large Blue Spider in Hanoi.

Figure of a Spider in Nasca : the symbol of fertility.

Entomophagous fungi of Tibet : where no arthropod is safe!

A Resplendent Quetzal : The symbol of freedom.

Sounds of the rainforest of Borneo.

My Holidays in Papua (Irian Jaya).

Gary Snyder's anthology, "Turtle Island".

Forest Newspaper - a collection of stories about wild life in Russia.

picture02Black house spiders
Badumna insignis
picture03A cockroach appeared from a bean-jam pancake
Periplaneta australasiae
picture04A camouflaged orb web spider
Cyclosa omonaga
picture05Bee flies - They are spring insects
Bombylius major
picture06 Avant-gard spiders
Cyclosa octotuberculata
picture07 Tiger beetles
Cicidela japonica
picture08Alpine spiders
Pardosa paramushirensis
Picture12Butterflies in high altitudes
Aglais urticae
picture09 Silver-plated spiders
Cyclosa argenteoalba
picture13Moths in winter
Erannis obliquaria
picture10KABUKI costume spiders
Synaema globsum
picture11 The bolas spiders in Japan
Ordgarius sexspinosus
picture14The new form of terrorism
picture15New The Scorpion-tailed Spider
Arachnura logio

Note to the Reader

JAPANESE NAMES appear in the traditional Japanese manner, family name followed by given name.

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