A camouflaged orb web spider from Nara.

Sept. 1,1998. M.Sekine

A Cyclosa omonaga

Above is the picture of Cyclosa omonaga (Japanese name : Shima-gomigumo) and her web. This spider is often found in seaside areas. In 1998, I found this species on the hillside of Mt.Shigi, in Nara Pref., Japan. Threads that extend from the surrounding framework meet at the center of the web. The shimmering lightness and intricate symmetrical design of the orb web make it a thing of wonder and beauty. Almost all webs of the genus Cyclosa, belonging to the family Araneidae, are camouflaged orb webs attached to waste products e.g. scraps, exuvia, etc. However, Cyclosa omonaga attaches less waste products to her web.