Bee flies - They are spring insects.

May 3,1999. M.Sekine

An illust of bee fly

Early in spring, on a sunny day, you can find Bee flies hovering and feeding in flowers in the paths in the countryside. The body of the Bee fly is densely haired, like velvet, resembling bees; the legs and proboscis are long and slender, but harmless. The adult Bee fly, Bombylius major,( the Japanese name : Biroudoturiabu ) lives for two or three months - in March, April, and May - in Japan. They are spring insects. When we find these species, we know winter is over and spring has come.
Now, let's look over the rural scenery, the wild cherry trees are in blossom in the vernal sunshine. The landscape in "Satoyama" is beginning to show signs of spring.

A hovering bee fly