The wildflowers, Oni-tabirako, look like fireworks

May. 29, 2002. M.Sekine

The sunlight comes in through the leaves, and shines up and down the roads in the Japanese countryside. In early summer, Oni-tabirako (literally, it means demon or big, and the word "tabirako" means the radical leaf spreaded simply toward the rice field), are in full bloom on the roadside under the spotlight of the sun. Yellow, orange, and lemon-yellow in color, Oni-tabirako look like fireworks. Japanese are very fond of seeing displays of fireworks. Everyone is greatly impressed with momentary beauty and the transient atmosphere of fireworks' shows. And, all Japanese appreciate wildflowers, because they are pretty. Their short life-span is another attractive feature of wildflowers.
I think Oni-tabirako are closly resemble fireworks in character. And it doesn't cost anything to marvel at the beauty of flowers, unlike fireworks. Most people would not compare the flower, Oni-tabirako, to fireworks except me.