Figure of a Spider: the symbol of fertility.

Aug.22,2003. M.Sekine

I visited Nasca this summer vacation, and I attempted to take pictures of the Nasca Lines from a Cessna aircraft circling over the Nasca Plains. I tried to do it over and over again. Finally, I captured on camera the figure of the spider with a lot of difficulty. Eureka!
The word Nasca is associated all over the world with the huge geometrical figures that hundreds of years ago were scratched on extensive plains of the Peruvian coastal desert. The mysteries of the Nasca Lines remain unsolved. Why they were made, by whom were they constructed and how were they built have attracted the attention of thousands of people, from eager travelers to well-known scientists, and spider-maniacs like me.
Ahhh! Words can't explain the feelings. They provoke your senses. They are truly marvelous, and you don't need words at all. You just have to experience it.
As you may have guessed, I'm a spider maniac; let me tell you about spiders. In Peru, the symbolism of spiders is associated with the rain and fertility. For others, it could be a representation of dream. There are so many Nasca ceramics with the drawings of arachnids on them, which were dug up from prehistoric ruins.

Figure of an astronaut.Figure of a spider.Figure of a condor.

A ceramic ware.A ceramic ware.A ceramic ware.Children in native costume.