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In Japan, mature spiders are usually found in midsummer. Also, you can find others mature in spring or in autumn. And some spiders live in all seasons.
Spiders weave several different kinds of webs - the orb web, the tunnnel-web, the sheet-web, and the irregular web, etc. Not all spiders build webs. Hunting spiders, also called wolf spiders or fishing spiders, ambush or chase down their prey on the ground. They are, in other words, non web weaving spiders .
Therefore, we can know the name of spiders by the seasons they are found in, and by their web patterns. You can see that I have divided the spiders into four groups by different seasons they are found in, namely

1. in spring, and in early summer
2. in summer
3. in autumn
4. in all seasons


First try to decide what group of spiders by the seasons they are found in.
Then, look carefully at their web patterns.

The spiders presented on this page cover only the most common species in Japan. So don't be discouraged if you come across specimens that you can't identify. Even if you don't know a spider's name, you can still enjoy observing it, and you can still make a record of your observations.



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