The Spiders in Spring, and in Early Summer.

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Dome-web *Turinyphia yunohamensis*Neriene fusca


Orb-web*Cyclosa octotuberculata


*Cyclosa sedeculata*Cyclosa atrata

*Tetragnata praedonia*Tetragnata squamata

*Eriophora sagana*Metleucauge kompirensis

Only lines*Ariamnes cylindrogaster

  Only lines

Irregular web*Argyrodes kumadai

  Irregular web

 Non Web Weaving Spiders 

*Xysticus croceus *Misumenops tricuspidatus

*Oxytate striatipes

*Tibellus tenellus*Pisaura lama

The Illustrations are taken from Yaginuma, T. 1986. Spiders of Japan in Color. Hoikusya, Osaka.

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