in spring, and in early summer

Metleucauge kompirensis (Tetragnathidae) [Japanese name : tanima-no doyo-gumo]


This spider weaves a horizontal-orb web, above irrigation canals and the

mountain streams in valleys. As for its web, the diameter is from 0.5 to

2 meters in length, and the mesh is rough.

The spider hangs down from the hub of its web.

Not only Leucauge celebesiana, but also M. kompirensis, is often found above

running water from midspring through summer. Another representative spider

above running water is M. yunohamensis (megane doyo-gumo), which has a

pattern on its cephalothorax that looks like glasses.

The prey of these spiders are insects that fly slowly above streams.

The length is 11-18 mm.

It is found all over Japan.


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