in summer

Cheiracanthium japonicum (Clubionidae) [Japanese name : kabaki komachi-gumo]

IllustMaking the home of the tetrahedron with a leaf such as in pampas grass, the

female spider gives birth to egg sacs here.

C.japonicum differs from C.lascivum in the form of the home they make.

In the daytime it is hiding in its home. At night getting active, it catches

prey. As for the home, there are many kinds of homes, for mating, for molting,

anotherone for hiding in the daytime.The spider remodels its home with leaves

of different pampas grass every time.

The young hatched from the egg sacs, eats the mother spider that was in the home in about

half day. It has the most painful bite of any spiders in Japan.

The length is 12-15 mm.

It is found on the four main islands of Japan - namely, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and



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