in autumn

Cyrtophora ikomosanensis (Araneidae) [Japanese name : suzumi-gumo]


The spider inhabits coppices, where it is well ventilated and there is

plenty of the sunlight. The spider weaves a web like a parachute.

The web is called the dome-mesh web. The dome-web is hanging by

supported strands of silk, which attaches to the branches of a

surrounding tree and undergrowth, and is made with a mesh of 3-4 mm.

As for the web, it is thin, not viscous and the insect that enters in

the web gets entangled by the thread and is caught.

Its abdomen has a lightning pattern and it comes in various colors -

red, green, and brown, etc.

Although it is a spider of southern Japan, it is moving northward.

The length is 18-23 mm.

It is found on four main islands in Japan - namely, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa.


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