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Latouchia typica (Ctenizidae) [Japanese name : kishinoue totate-gumo]


This is a trap-door spider. They are stout and only moderately hairy living

things, famed for their skill in digging tunnels in the earth. After

preparing their burrows, they waterproof the walls with saliva and earth,

line them with silk and then cap the entrance with a hinged-trap door.

They are found on the base of paving stones, in trees of old houses, in

Buddhist temples, and in Shinto shrines.

Because the amount of restoration and care of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines has

increased in recent years, the number of spiders has decreased very much.

It is quasi-endangered species according to the "Red Data Book".

The length is 10-15 mm.

It is found on three main islands in Japan - namely, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu.

PictureTrap door

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