in summer

Pholcus crypticolens (Pholcidae) [Japanese name : yurei-gumo]


The spiders are found in the hollows of roadsides, in thickets, under rock

overhangs, and in hollow trees.

They weave an irregular web, seemingly haphazard lines below and above.

The surface of this spider's body is gray-brown in color with darker,

symmetrical patterns on the dorsal side of a slender abdomen. And their

legs are very long and slender, with patterns of dark rings on their legs.

Spiders hang inverted under the center of the web and, if disturbed, they

flex their legs and bounce so fast that they become blurred.

The female binds her eggs loosely with a few strands of silk, and then attaches them onto her

fangs to look after her eggs.

The length is 4-8 mm.

It is found throughout Japan.


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